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Solar Power Disputes Increase in San Diego

On behalf of Daniel Watkins of Watkins Firm, A Professional Corporation
Posted On April 14, 2017

Solar Power Disputes Increase in San Diego

Solar power disputes increase in San Diego over the past 3 years, resulting in the need for a proven successful legal strategy for solar power companies, contractors and area homeowners.  The Watkins Firm has extensive litigation experience across decades here in San Diego and Southern California.  We take a unique approach to resolving solar power disputes between homeowners and solar power companies, as well as disputes involving contractors and solar power providers.  This strategy is designed to efficiently resolve disputes and associated lawsuits in the shortest possible time frame.

The majority of solar power disputes and lawsuits are resolved through effective, leveraged negotiations.  The experienced dispute resolution attorneys at the Watkins Firm investigate the underlying issues and the potential for financial damages resulting from the actions of the parties.  These damages provide critical leverage to gain the attention of the other party and draw them into constructive negotiation.  Our effective lawyers search for common ground while protecting the goals and objectives of our client.  We are usually able to negotiate a positive resolution to the dispute quickly and cost-effectively.

When negotiation doesn’t completely resolve all issues we represent our clients in mediation and arbitration.  Each of these venues provides the opportunity to work with an independent third party to get to the root of the dispute and gain resolution.  In mediation, the parties are not bound to the recommendations of the mediator, while in arbitration the ruling is much more binding upon the parties.  We are prepared to take your case all the way to trial if a party is not negotiating in good faith or when matters of principle are at stake.

Our local reputation among the legal community and successful trial expertise lets the other side know that you are serious and are prepared to do what is necessary to protect your interests.  Our trial expertise is the leverage to gain the cooperation of the other party to seek an alternative resolution.  As solar power disputes increase in San Diego it is important to work with experienced and proven solar power dispute attorneys.  We invite you to contact us or call 858-535-1511 for a consultation.

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