Disputes Between Members in a San Diego LLC - Litigation Resolution

Disputes Between Members in a San Diego LLC

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Posted On August 8, 2017

Disputes Between Members in a San Diego LLC

Resolving disputes between members in a San Diego LLC quickly and cost-effectively requires legal skill and expertise as well as business savvy and experience.  The attorneys at the Watkins Firm have served the San Diego business community for decades.  We understand the nature of disputes between LLC members and how disruptive to a small business these matters can be.  There are many reasons why business disputes develop between business partners and close associates.  In many cases, one member of the LLC has outgrown the other or one of the members is not carrying their fair share of the productive work of the business.  In other cases more serious issues such as the commingling of funds or theft by one of the members may result in a serious and in some cases all-or-nothing dispute for the business itself.

The seasoned attorneys at the Watkins Firm take a unique approach to resolving disputes between members in a San Diego LLC or small business.  We work to negotiate a solution which resolves the dispute while preserving important business and personal relationships which may be at stake.  Mediation is an excellent alternative to litigation in these matters.  In mediation the parties are guided through the process of seeking common ground while identifying solutions to resolve the dispute.  Negotiation and mediation are faster and much less expensive generally speaking than litigation before a judge or arbitrator.

It may be necessary to negotiate the exit of a member, or the addition of needed working capital or other skilled principles.  The Watkins Firm’s business and contract attorneys carefully craft the agreements and modifications to the LLC operating agreement which facilitate the resolution and move the parties forward in their business and personal lives.

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