Crafting Business Contracts for San Diego Business Transactions

Crafting Business Contracts for San Diego Business Transactions

On behalf of Daniel Watkins of Watkins Firm, A Professional Corporation
Posted On February 22, 2018

Crafting Business Contracts for San Diego Business Transactions

Crafting business contracts for San Diego business transactions ensures each party achieve the “benefit of the bargain” while reducing or eliminating the opportunity for a dispute or expensive and protracted business litigation.  The business contract attorneys at the Watkins Firm contribute to the process of a business transaction from the outset to its completion.  We understand the “nature of the deal” and the sensitivity required to foster a productive negotiation while asserting and protecting your business interests.  We work to ensure your goals for the transaction itself are asserted and protected while helping to provide clarity to issues which may appear unclear or where the parties are challenged to find the common ground necessary to strike a bargain.

Watkins Firm attorneys have served San Diego business owners and executives for decades in all forms of business transactions and contracts.  From commercial lease negotiations to asset purchase or stock purchase transactions, our attorneys help you to accomplish your goals and structure the agreements which will successfully guide the parties to a successful conclusion.  While any downloaded contract boilerplate may provide for terms such as the agreed upon pricing, time frames and payment schedules they often fail to fulfill California’s unique business laws and commercial code.  It is important to clearly articulate the responsibilities of each party, the goods, products, services and monetary value to be exchanged as well as a comprehensive description of the unique quality and characteristics of the products and services themselves.

In addition, a well crafted contract anticipates the types of issues which might arise between the parties and provide clear and concise remedies for how they will be resolved.  We can create a business contract or review and edit a proposed agreement.  You can rely upon the skill, experience and expertise of decades of service the Watkins Firm provides when crafting business contracts for San Diego business transactions.  We invite you to review the recommendations of our clients and contact us or call 858-535-1511 for a free consultation.

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